Why it is Important to use a cleaning solution with your contacts

color contacts canadaThe popularity of contact lenses among people of all ages has increased continuously for the last past years. No matter if you are willing to wear them for medical purposes, therapeutic or cosmetic reasons the point is to take good care of your contacts.  As long as you respect the handling rules, cleaning schedule, and storing conditions the contact lenses are safe for you.

Common mistakes related to improper cleaning

A lot of medical studies made showed that dirty contacts as well as dirty lens cases are responsible for the development of a dangerous eye infection caused by Acanthamoeba. This parasite found in tap water, swimming pools, and dust causes the so called Acanthamoebic keratitis, a disease that affects the eye cornea determining itching sensations, swollen eyelids, eye pains, and abnormal light sensitivity.

coloured lenses onlineThe infection might occur when lens wearers choose to rinse their contacts or lens cases with tap water instead of the recommended cleaning solution. Also, it is advisable to remove your contacts before you go to swimming pools, hot tubs, or beach in order to avoid the contact with water.

Other common mistakes that lead to eye allergies and irritations are topping off the leftover solution from the case instead of discarding it, the transfer of the cleaning solution into travel-size bottles with negative impact on its sterility, and the accidental contact between the tip of the bottle and contaminated surfaces. Handling the contact lenses with dirty hands is a big no as well as moistening the dry lenses with water or saliva.

Types of cleaning solutions

The starting point in choosing the right cleaning solution for your contact lenses is the recommendation provided by your eye care practitioner. These solutions are made of different ingredients that are not compatible with all lens types.

One of the most popular options is the multipurpose solution that covers all the requirements for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, and storing the contacts. Its chemical formula has been improved to ensure better comfort and maintain lenses moisture. Saline solutions do not disinfect, they only are suitable for rinsing. This type of solution comes to complete the cleaning process after using a disinfection system.

Hydrogen peroxide solutions are marketed as “two-step” products (the hydrogen peroxide is removed by the help of a saline solution), and “one-step” items (the hydrogen peroxide is completely turned into pure water due to the presence of a neutralizer). There are also the tablets of enzymatic cleaner meant to remove the protein deposits spread on lenses.

Basics of proper lens care

Wash thoroughly your hands before handling the lenses. Apply the recommended cleaning solution, rub gently the lenses in your palm using the index finger, then rinse carefully according to the instructions. Stay far from tap water when rinsing your lenses. Clean the lens case and leave it to air-dry. Each time you store the contacts, throw away the used solution and replace it with a fresh one. Do not switch to a new brand of cleaning solution without consulting your eye doctor.

Why do People Wear Color Contact Lenses?

bright blue eyes, color contact lenses onlineIf you are wondering why so many people are wearing color contact lenses, the answer is obvious. We are living in a time where if you want beauty, you can have it simply by paying for it. Beauty is different to all people and in the “eye of of the beholder” as many say. Well, since beauty is in the eye, then why not put some beauty into your eyes?

The contact lenses market has grown tremendously in the last past years and more and more people consider that wearing contacts has changed their life. Most people of course choose contact lenses for medical reasons linked to visual correction but many choose to wear fashion color contact lenses simply for the love of beauty and fashion.

beautiful people, color contact lenses online

There is nothing more exciting than meeting someone with magnificent shining white teeth and bright colored eyes! For those of us that are blessed with naturally amazing eyes, you probably get asked the question alot “Are those your natural eyes or are you wearing lenses?” The eyes are the “windows to the soul” and can captivate the unsuspecting lady or gent into falling in love simply by looking into someone’s eyes. It is said that the three most important things people look at when they first meet you and things that determine your level of beauty are in this order; your teeth, your eyes, your hair and all of the rest.  So believe it or not, eyes can be a big deal for some people who find them the key to enhancing their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Color contact lenses are available for purchase by anyone online for cosmetic purposes for those willing to change the natural look of their eyes. You do not have to dream about having those big baby blue eyes anymore. Changing your eye color whether it be for one day or forever, is easy.  Click here to buy color contacts online today!


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What are opaque color contact lenses?

opaque color contact lensesOpaque contact lenses are lenses designed with darker tints to change the coloring for people with naturally dark eyes. Since the color on them is denser than other lenses, it can fully change your eye color.

Opaque color contacts have solid (non-transparent) tints that change the depth your eye color for dark eyes. When applied to dark eyes, the color is completely altered resulting in an almost flawless new eye color.

The theatrical contact lenses that create a supernatural glance (ghosts, demons, or vampires) are considered a subcategory of this type of opaque contacts. They are usually used in various plays at the theatre but you can try a pair too at a Halloween party, for example.blue color contacts

There variety of colors for opaque colored contacts is large. Choose from colors like dark brown, hazel, violet, dark blue, deep green, gray, amethyst, and others. If you have dark eyes and are considering wearing opaque lenses, be courageous and try all colors available. Go bold, buy some color contact lenses and have fun with color!

Best Makeup Colors for Brown Coloured Contact Lenses

pretty brown eyes, coloured contacts canadaBrown is often associated with the idea of warmth, stability, safety, and well-being. It is a neutral color that matches with almost any colors so, if you have brown eyes enjoy the liberty to choose your favorite shade. On the other hand, do not miss the opportunity to enhance the beauty of your eyes by fitting your makeup colors with the tones of your skin and hair. If you ask a makeup artist about the colors that suit you the most, the usual answer is that purple and teal shadows work perfect for brown eyes. Yes, it is true but you should not be afraid to try other possibilities such as pink, navy, and peach or the range of neutrals like bronze, taupe, and chocolate.

Purple Eye Shadow for Brown Color Contacts Canada

Purple makes your brown eyes pop by adding an intense feminine and flirty appearance. The warmth disclosed by brown next to the power of deep purple hue creates a striking contrast that grabs attention from the very first moment. And the best news is that for brown irises, purple shadows go well regardless the color of hair or skin and in addition, gives a special brightness to the whites of the eyes.

Blue Eye Shadow for Brown Color Contacts Canadabrown contacts, brown freshlook, honey colored contacts

The brown color is the result of the combination between three primary colors: red, yellow, and black. This is the reason why brown eye girls have a lot of options when it comes to acquiring a dramatic look. Cover your lids with vibrant navy blue and get an electric shade to stand out from the crowd. Are you interested in an unexpected look? Then go with green or matte blue, or even better, do not be afraid to step further using both of them. For the working hours, animate the glimpse of your eyes with light blue eye shadow.

gold eyeshadow with brown color contactsGold Eye Shadow Makeup Colors for Brown Color Contacts

Gold highlights a warm metallic look that can be easily paired with deep blue or purple. If you replace gold with the gorgeous shimmery copper eye shadow, you will add both texture to your makeup and lightness.

Silver Makeup Shades for Brown Color Contacts

Silver is a lovely tone that makes a cool contrast with brown color contacts. You may use any shades of silver (metallic, gunmetal, or platinum) keeping in mind this little trick: if you have dark circles under the eyes, wear another color for the lower lash line (light pink for example) because silver might accentuates these dark blemishes.

brown color contacts, lenses canadaAccentuate your Brown Color Contacts with Brown Make up

When you pair brown eye shadow with brown eyes, meaning a neutral sits next to another neutral, the effect could be a little boring. But you can enjoy a cute everyday look using a toffee hue with a bit of shining gold in it paired with teal, purple, or green for the lower lash line. No matter what makeup color you chose for your color contacts , enhance the overall appearance of your eyes coating the bottom and the top of your lashes with mascara.

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