How to Choose the Right Color Contacts

Things to consider when choosing a suitable color of color contacts

Coloured Contacts CanadaChoosing Your color contacts

People choose the color contacts according to the natural eye color, skin tone, and hair color. If you have light eyes and want to intensify their color, the contacts with enhancement tints that are close to the natural color work great, while for a complete change of look the tones of light brown, grey and green make the difference.

The opaqopaque color contactsue tints are the best bet for dark eyes. Hazel and Honey Brown Contacts Lenses ensure a natural looking glow, and if you like to think outside the box the bright shades of violet, pink, blue, and green are the best option.The dark skin tone suits with the colors of the autumn and honey for a sexy look. The undertones of amethyst and cloudy grey never remain unnoticed when you have a dusky complexion. Also, the tints of green and blue are amazing as long as they are not too bright. On the other hand, people with olive and mixed race skin get a spectacular appearance with bright colored contacts. You can go successfully for bright green, navy blue and smoky grey.

The fair skin tone matches with any color from various tints of blue, green, gray and dark brown to shining colors like amethyst, turquoise, and aqua.
Apart from the skin tone, you may select your favorite colored lenses according to your hair color.

green contactsBlack hair makes an excellent pair with ice blue and violet contacts, but grey lenses stand out with a guaranteed head turning effect.

Blonds (yellow and golden variety) have a wide range of options, although hazel, green, honey, and brown remain the most wanted colors. Emerald green lenses go beautifully with platinum blonde hair.

Green colored contacts also work great for people with red hair or brown-reddish undertones. Color Contacts Canada come in various combinations of tints that cover both opaque and soft ranges so that anyone can find the best shade.


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