Types of Colored Contacts

Canadian Color ContactsColored Contact Lenses are manufactured using three main types of tints. Visibility tints (shades of light green or blue with no impact on the eye color) help the one who wears them to easier locate his contacts if he drops one and better handle them during insertion and removal.

Enhancement tints go perfectly for people willing to deepen their natural eye color. OpaqHalloween Lensesue tints dramatically change the normal eye color providing an entirely new look. The Color Contacts in Canada used in movies and theatre to create special effects (characters like vampires, aliens, and demons) also have opaque tints

Coloured contacts are a great option whether you want to highlight the natural color of your eyes, add a bit of drama to your everyday look, or create a stunning impresion on your friends at a Halloween party.

CCrazy Lenses Color Contactsolor contact lenses are marketed as prescription color contacts meant to correct vision issues like myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia and change the eye color at the same time, and plano color contacts that have no vision correction effects and are worn exclusively from cosmetic reasons. Keep in mind that you need a prescription from your eye doctor for both options.



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