Your First Impression With Color Contact: After All, It All Lies In The Eyes!

Your eyes are a window to your soul, so why not spice up the view you present to the audience of your orbs?

Contact lenses have evolved – tremendously. From clearly contacts to color contact, they have served many eyes then be it for fashion sake or just an alternative to spectacles.
From being a prop to an aesthetic additional accessory that matches your outfit to bringing out that gleam in your eyes, these lenses are just right. After all, it’s the attention of the audience for which we vie. Isn’t it?


And, that is why Color contact lenses are the answer to your soulful needs.
But, in all and all one does need the tips to find the right colored contact lenses that suits them.

Here’s a list of all that you need to know before you buy yourself clearly contacts:

• The Purpose: It is for making a style statement or a medical purpose? It works both ways. One can avail both! Neat colored contact lenses have two main classifications – opaque colors and enhancement tints. A unique feature about contact lenses is that the same model/color will look different from person to person. Why? Because it depends on the base color – the original color of your iris. Hence, if you go for a shade keeping in mind how it looks on your friend/ colleague, you might face quite a disappointment.

• Types: Soft lenses, daily contact lenses, silicone hydrogel contact lenses and fashionable colored contact lenses are some of the types you can choose from to get those beautiful eyes.

• Color Enhancer Lens: This one brings out your eye (not in an eye-popping way but yeah). It enhances your original eye color by adding some flecks or borders to it. Equinox lens works on the border effect part of it. So you must decide whether you want a new eye color or you simply want to beautify and magnify the attributes of your already existing one.

• Prescription: This is a part that fashion enthusiast kind of ignore but one MUST know that the colored contact are not meant for everyone. Zero powered lenses too need a prescription. So be very careful while you are shopping for the one.

• Ease Of Use: They can be slightly thick as compared to regular contacts and hence one can easily remove them but it does take some time to get used to it. Well, this is how every color contact works, so you have to have some practice while putting them in and removing them from the eyes.

• Vision and Mission: You need not have a visual defect for you to try on lenses. Clearly contacts Canada provides you with exclusive colors tailored to fit your needs.
Keeping a clear cut mission about what you exactly need and the desired shade that you want, one can browse through various options online and try out the ones you feel like would do justice to what you have in mind.

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These are the basics that you need to keep in mind while you shop for colored contact lenses. Busting some myths we’d like to clarify that one has no side effects as such by wearing contacts unless you are allergic to the material, one does need a prescription for cosmetic lenses and you must never share your lenses with others.

Use of lenses while facing eye infections must be avoided. Proper care and maintenance does enhance and maintain the quality of the lenses and has got nothing to do with its longevity.
Windows to your soul must play the enchanting role! So pick your lenses wisely!


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