Fresh Look Contact Colors

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Benefits and Disadvantages of Hard and Soft lenses

Hard lenses

Hard Contact LensHard lenses, also referred to as RGP lenses, are relatively small lenses. As the name implies, these lenses are made of a hard material. In the Netherlands, these lenses contribute to about 40% of to all the contact lens wearers, where as in America it constitutes to only 10%. Previously, hard lenses were made of PMMA and this material did not allow oxygen to permeate and as you can imagine it was not good for the eye lenses. However, nowadays hard lenses are made of a material that does allow for oxygen to pass which is better for the eyes.


  • Hard lenses are more expensive than soft lenses, but on the other-hand, they last almost 3 years. Since the hard lenses last longer than soft lenses, they are certainly cheaper in the long run. Soft lenses are cheaper and more affordable to buy but if you consider the fact that they are good for a maximum of only a day, a week or a month. After which you will have to buy new lenses. In the long term the cost of hard lenses is lower.
  • Because the lens allows for more oxygen transmission there are smaller risks of infections. If you look at the statistics people that wear hard lenses are four times less likely to catch infections than someone who wears soft contact lenses.


  • For hard lenses, there is space between the lens and the cornea. As a result, there may be a possibility of a speck of dust that might come behind the lens. This sometimes makes hard lenses generally less comfortable.
  • The lenses also require a fairly long time to get used. In the beginning, it will not be very pleasant to wear the lenses, but after some time the discomfort will eventually finish.
  • You have a greater chance of losing your lenses if you wear hard lenses than when wearing soft lenses. Well of course this does not mean that they fall out with each and every movement you make; but certainly the lenses are not suitable for all sports and it is particularly advised to not go swimming with them on.

Soft lenses

Soft Contact LensSoft lenses are larger than hard lenses, and cover a larger part of the eye. These lenses are made of a softer material that appears like perspex. In the Netherlands 60% of contact lens wearers wear soft lenses as compared to 90% in America. During the beginning and early days of its introduction, it was not possible to wear soft contact lenses if your eye sight had a special strength such as a cylinder. However, nowadays it is possible to wear soft lenses for any strength.


  • Soft lenses are very comfortable to wear. Because the lenses cover a large part of your eyes it is highly unlikely that there could be something underneath the lenses that could cause discomfort.
  • The lenses remain well in place and are very suitable for sports. It is also possible to swim while wearing them; but you should still make sure that they fit well so that you do not lose them.
    People can very quickly get accustomed to wearing soft lenses. This is the reason that people Buy Cheap Colored Contacts made of soft lenses.


  • The lenses are less easy to keep clean and therefore they need to be replaced more often than hard lenses. This makes soft contact lenses more expensive than hard lenses on the long-term of things.
  • The risk of infection is automatically increased when wearing soft contact lenses. Also, you have more chance of getting neovascularization. This is because there is too little oxygen that actually reaches to your eyes.

Why it is Important to use a cleaning solution with your contacts

color contacts canadaThe popularity of Online Contact Lenses among people of all ages has increased continuously for the last past years. No matter if you are willing to wear them for medical purposes, therapeutic or cosmetic reasons the point is to take good care of your contacts.  As long as you respect the handling rules, cleaning schedule, and storing conditions the contact lenses are safe for you.

Common mistakes related to improper cleaning

A lot of medical studies made showed that dirty contacts as well as dirty lens cases are responsible for the development of a dangerous eye infection caused by Acanthamoeba. This parasite found in tap water, swimming pools, and dust causes the so called Acanthamoebic keratitis, a disease that affects the eye cornea determining itching sensations, swollen eyelids, eye pains, and abnormal light sensitivity.

coloured lenses onlineThe infection might occur when lens wearers choose to rinse their contacts or lens cases with tap water instead of the recommended cleaning solution. Also, it is advisable to remove your contacts before you go to swimming pools, hot tubs, or beach in order to avoid the contact with water.

Other common mistakes that lead to eye allergies and irritations are topping off the leftover solution from the case instead of discarding it, the transfer of the cleaning solution into travel-size bottles with negative impact on its sterility, and the accidental contact between the tip of the bottle and contaminated surfaces. Handling the Contact Lenses with dirty hands is a big no as well as moistening the dry lenses with water or saliva.

Types of cleaning solutions

The starting point in choosing the right Contact Lenses Cleaning Solution for your contact lenses is the recommendation provided by your eye care practitioner. These solutions are made of different ingredients that are not compatible with all lens types.

One of the most popular options is the multipurpose solution that covers all the requirements for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, and storing the contacts. Its chemical formula has been improved to ensure better comfort and maintain lenses moisture. Saline solutions do not disinfect, they only are suitable for rinsing. This type of solution comes to complete the cleaning process after using a disinfection system.

Hydrogen peroxide solutions are marketed as “two-step” products (the hydrogen peroxide is removed by the help of a saline solution), and “one-step” items (the hydrogen peroxide is completely turned into pure water due to the presence of a neutralizer). There are also the tablets of enzymatic cleaner meant to remove the protein deposits spread on lenses.

Basics of proper lens care

Wash thoroughly your hands before handling the lenses. Apply the recommended cleaning solution, rub gently the lenses in your palm using the index finger, then rinse carefully according to the instructions. Stay far from tap water when rinsing your lenses. Clean the lens case and leave it to air-dry. Each time you store the contacts, throw away the used solution and replace it with a fresh one. Do not switch to a new brand of cleaning solution without consulting your eye doctor.

What are opaque color contact lenses?

opaque color contact lensesOpaque contact lenses are lenses designed with darker tints to change the coloring for people with naturally dark eyes. Since the color on them is denser than other lenses, it can fully change your eye color.

Opaque color contacts have solid (non-transparent) tints that change the depth your eye color for dark eyes. When applied to dark eyes, the color is completely altered resulting in an almost flawless new eye color.

The theatrical contact lenses that create a supernatural glance (ghosts, demons, or vampires) are considered a subcategory of this Type of Colored Contacts. They are usually used in various plays at the theatre but you can try a pair too at a Halloween party, for color contacts

There variety of colors for opaque colored contacts is large. Choose from colors like dark brown, hazel, violet, dark blue, deep green, gray, amethyst, and others. If you have dark eyes and are considering wearing opaque lenses, be courageous and try all colors available. Go bold, buy some Color Contact Lenses Canada and have fun with color!